DA Certificate Program – Module 6 – DPA and Practice Management


Welcome to the DPA and Practice Management module of the DA Certificate Program!    DPA stands for Dental Practice Act – this is the book of laws and regulations that govern dentistry in California.  Don’t worry – you won’t be reading or memorizing a boring book, but it is important for all ADHPs to have a good handle on dental law and ethics!  And you will be receiving one of your mandatory certificates for dental assistants in this module.  In addition, you will learn some “front desk” duties such as scheduling patients, processing claim forms, and taking payments.

Once you have purchased this module, you will have immediate access to the online lecture (didactic) portion of this module.  Go ahead and get started right away!

We will be in contact to discuss the dates(s) of your lab/clinical portion of this module.  Happy listening and learning in the mean time!

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