DA Certificate Program – Module 4 – Patient Assessment


Welcome to the Patient Assessment module of the DA Certificate Program!    In this module you will learn all about how the mouth is connected to the rest of the body and how they influence each other.  What diseases/conditions have implications in the oral cavity?  ALMOST ALL OF THEM in one way or another!  What about various drugs/medications?  Do they affect the mouth and teeth?  You bet!  This module is so much fun as we learn to start communicating with our patients and assessing their medical and dental needs.  You will also learn how to take vital signs and how to manage dental and medical emergencies in the dental office.

Once you have purchased this module, you will have immediate access to the online lecture (didactic) portion of this module.  Go ahead and get started right away!   In the lab portion of this module we will practice reviewing medical and dental histories and taking vital signs.

We will be in contact to discuss the dates(s) of your lab/clinical portion of this module.  Happy listening and learning in the mean time!

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