RDA 4 U offers preparatory classes, held the weekend before each Northern California RDA practical exam, to get you thoroughly ready to pass! This comprehensive class is from 8am to 5pm, and includes all supplies and materials needed to practice the three procedures you will be tested on (temporary crown, cementation of temporary crown, and temporary filling). You will see a “how to” video for each procedure, get hands on demonstrations by knowledgeable and skilled faculty, and lots of practice time to perfect your techniques. We have very small student to instructor ratios, so you will get plenty of individualized attention. In addition, you will get to use the same kit used at the actual test! This familiarity will be very helpful for the State Board exam!

Kit Rental Kit Only


  • All the necessary tools to complete the exam
  • Easy pick up at test location
  • Extra disposables included
  • On site support

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Class Prepartory Class Only


  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Hands on practice for each portion of exam
  • In depth review of procedures
  • On site support

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